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In times of crisis, in particular, people scramble to look for experts with the answer. There’s a lot of biased noise out there given the misaligned media incentive structure. But there’s also a lot of thoughtful commentary and analysis - we’re here to help you both find it, and, maybe more importantly, openly discuss it.

Passively reading, listening, and/or watching is one thing. Engaging in an open and honest active discussion is another. It’s how we all learn and progress, and frankly, there isn’t enough of it. Within each email, we link to the relevant forum thread, as well as our Telegram channel - so we all can easily discuss, debate, and share thoughts on each topic. No one wants just to be talked at, and even experts should be questioned.

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And of course, we are here to build a community - feel free to post your own discussion topics (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.), questions (e.g. thoughts on NYC real estate?), and resources (tools, books, etc.), on the forums.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” - George Bernard Shaw

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